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Controlling your home or business' comfort is not difficult with Benchmark Heating & Cooling on your side! We are experts when it comes to installing, servicing and repairing smart thermostats like Nest, Lyric and Comfort Sync systems.

The benefits of home automation are seemingly endless. Enjoy unparalleled convenience by having your home anticipate when you leave in the morning and arrive home at night, ensuring that your home is just as comfortable as you like it.

Nest Smart Thermostat



When Nest spots you across the room, it lights up beautifully to show you the time or the temperature you’ve set.


The Nest Thermostat learns how long your home takes to heat up and cool down. So you know cranking up the heat to 80° won’t warm up the house any faster.

Nest Leaf

Look for the Leaf every time you adjust the temperature – it tells you that you’re saving energy. Nest will count up all your Leafs and let you know how many you collect each month in your Home Report.

Quick View

Press the display and turn the ring. You’ll see a summary of what your thermostat is up to and you can reach Settings, Energy History, or your schedule.


Nest tracks the weather so it can automatically adjust to help you stay comfortable or save energy.

It's more accurate with more sensors

It learns about your home. Ten temperature sensors track the temperature in your home and how quickly it changes.
It’s not too bright at night or too dim during the day. Ambient light sensors adjust how the screen lights up.
It looks to see if anyone’s home. With a 150° wide-angle view, the activity sensors learn when to switch to Auto‑Away.
Is your home too muggy? A humidity sensor shows you indoor humidity so Nest can manage your whole-home humidifier or dehumidifier.

Honeywell Lyric Smart Thermostat


The Honeywell Lyric, Music to your Ears

You're in. You're out. You're all over the place. What if your thermostat adjusted to your dynamic lifestyle?

Your life doesn't follow a set schedule. So why should your thermostat? You can control the Lyric smart thermostat from anywhere, or let it manage your comfort and savings automatically, so there's no learning curve, no rigid scheduling—just comfort when you're home and energy savings when you're away.

App based install – Everything happens in four easy steps using the mobile app – no manual necessary

Geofencing uses a homeowner's smartphone location to automatically save energy when they're away and ensure comfort when they return home

The Smart Cues™ feature delivers messages to a homeowner's device with alerts to change filters or with extreme temperature notifications

The Fine Tune™ feature considers both humidity and temperature so that a homeowner's desired temperature always feels the same

Armstrong Air Comort Sync Smart Thermostat


The Armstrong Air Comfort Sync Thermostat

Enjoy sophisticated system management, unprecedented control and exceptional energy savings with a Comfort Sync thermostat. It’s the best way to get the most out of every part of your Armstrong Air system.

Remote Access extends control to anywhere.

The Comfort Sync thermostat puts advanced temperature monitoring and adjustment in your hands, no matter where you may be. Check and change the temperature in your home or set your system into an energy-saving Away Mode using your smartphone, tablet, laptop or other web-enabled devices. So you’ll always come home to the perfect temperature.

Tailored performance for every room.

Comfort Sync Zoning divides your house into two, three or four different areas, or “zones,” and redirects heating and cooling to those zones as needed. So you can keep temperatures right where you want them, without wasting energy on little-used areas.